Affiliated to Sleepeezee Bedding,Slumberzone is a high-end mattress brand founded in 1970. Slumberzone means dream, slumber means sleep, blue Z stands for zizz (sleep).

In 1956, Sleepeezee Bedding was founded in Melbourne, Australia. Its brand concept is to ensure that all customers can enjoy “one night’s sleep”.

Sleepeezee has been committed to creating and developing mattress patented technology, integrating technology with the latest raw materials from all over the world, and producing every product with the highest quality requirements. At present, sleepeezee is the largest supplier of industrial manufacturing / export combination mattresses in Australia. At the same time, it directly produces various types of mattresses for domestic and international high-end brand bedding retailers bedding products.

In 2004, Slumberzone entered the Asia Pacific China market and conducted comprehensive and in-depth technical cooperation with DeRUCCI. In 2013, Slumberzone and DeRUCCI reached brand strategic cooperation, and DeRUCCI International became the only operator of Slumberzone in China. So far, Slumberzone has more than 40 stores in China and 53 stores in Australia.

With the development of the Chinese market, the development pace of Slumberzone is accelerated. The number of stores and customers is increasing year by year. Its brand has also become a reference benchmark for the quality and price of Australian fully imported mattress brands in the Chinese market.

Comfortable dream, the night has been different
Made in Australia (AMAG) certification, an advocate of mattress adaptive concept, full system sleep black technology guarantee
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