PAULY’s History
At the beginning of the 19th century, Josef Pauly has been committed to the research of natural sleeping materials such as horse hair and down products. As an early wholesaler and supplier of sleep products, Josef Pauly established the “J J.Pauly&Sohn” bedding brand in Vienna, Austria in 1838.
Spread of Fame

At the beginning of the company’s establishment, J.Pauly&Sohn participated in the Vienna World Exposition for the first time, and obtained the royal certification. He becamethe supplier of royal and royal bedding, and provided Royal bedding for fratzus Joseph 1 and Elizabeth (Princess Sissy). Since then, the products’ fame reached to foreign countries and have been exported to there as well.


J.Pauly&Sohn family has manufactured beds by hand for four generations. However, the brand found its decline after the great depression caused by the 2 world wars. In 2015, Mr. Rado Salitros,who has more than ten years of experience in hand-made beds, registered and revived the J.Pauly&Sohn brand. Henceforth, J.Pauly&Sohn, the brand that has been silent for more than half a century, was reborn.

Ingenuity Casts Soul

J.Pauly&Sohn adheres to the spirit of natural craftsmanship, selects German high-quality horsehair, integrates cleaning, protein removal and other processes to effectively remove odor and reduce allergens. Small as a spring, slightly curly horsehair has incomparable advantages in terms of support, sweat absorption and dehumidification. It is the first choice of natural and rare high-end mattress materials.

Dreams and Voyage

The founder Rado salitros always firmly believes that each bed made by hand is a classic heritage of art, and natural materials and handmade are the soul of products that truly awaken people's good sleep experience. Based on this concept, in 2016, Mr. Rado chose DeRUCCI International as a lifelong career partner to bring the luxury handmade bed furniture for royal use to the most respected users in China.


J.Pauly&Sohn has always been creating a comfortable sleeping experience with style. Each bed piece strictly abides by the classic stripe elements, adheres to the use of natural materials such as German horsehair, French lavender, Swedish pine, etc., and insists on making 200 hours of manual production. It uses ingenuity to protect every user's sleep and will continue its inheritance.

Since1838 Royal brand of Austro Hungarian Empire

•Royal Family Certified Luxury Gene

•Advocating natural and natural materials

•Abide by the traditional hand-made

•The inheritance of the century, the original heart unchanged; the scarce raw materials created by the world, the skillful craftsmen of the years of training; with respect for nature and care for people, let pure beauty soothe the body and mind, and gallop freely in the frontiers of life.

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