Every layer of SISSI has undergone repeated scrutiny and continuous improvement, even a horsehair has been carefully considered.
We hope to do our best to create the highest level of sleep quality for you, sleep sweet dreams every night, and welcome tomorrow's new beginning with energy.
On this VICTOR bed, you may only need to try to lie down for 15 minutes.
Just like its name, VICTOR, this is a mattress that we are proud of. It belongs to the same process system as our classic mattress king SISSI.
In France, people say that the city of DINAN (DINAN) is a city that allows you to "travel" into the medieval movie scene. It not only has many ancient buildings and historical sites, but also the colonnade and the Saint Sauveur in the 12th century. Marlow Church. PUALY now condenses this European cultural hall-level sleep feast on the DINAN bed.
We hope that when you are in the VENUS bed, you will immediately feel the love and tranquility like water. After waking up from a deep and stable sleep, you will find yourself more energetic and beautiful than ever before.
GRACE means honesty and competence, and the impression is elegance, charm, bravery, and nobility. It means "grace" in Spanish.
GRACE is synonymous with elegance, flexibility and stability. Three sets of carefully matched spring systems work together to support the body well.
You can sink into the bed with almost weightlessness. Whether lying flat, prone or lying on your side, the sinking depth is enough to keep your spine straight and enjoy unparalleled comfort.
CATHERINE, means "innocent and full of vitality" in Greek. This is our goal when we launched this mattress: the beautiful quality in one. We hope this is a life-long mattress with solid pine bed frame, double-layer spring system and 14 layers of carefully mixed horsehair, wool, cotton and jute.
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